Wood Floor Restoration in Leatherhead and Surrey
From the Experienced Flooring and Carpentry Company

Wooded Hill Flooring & Carpentry delivers expert care for every stage of the wood floor restoration process. We can repair those damaged planks that suffer from daily wear and resolve issues caused by age or moisture. Our Dorking-based team works on hardwood floors across Leatherhead and the surrounding areas, building on the reputation established since 1979. Well-known throughout Surrey, we welcome repeat business and frequently gain restoration work via positive word of mouth.

Whether your floors appear discoloured or suffer from extensive damage, we’re here to help. Our team will have the wood looking good as new so that you can enjoy beautiful flooring without spending on a new installation.

See our previous work for examples of our expert craftsmanship. We’ll be thrilled to look over the floors and provide a quotation for the upcoming work.

Wood Floor Restoration | Bringing Your Old Floors Back to Life

Your wood flooring should be a standout feature of the home, so it’s worth looking at ways to make the most of it. Our wood flooring restoration service turns dull floors into elegant surfaces – with all renovation and repair work required.

The Creative Process

If the floor suffers damage, we can lift up the materials and secure any loose pieces. We’ll refit any blocks, ensuring strong adhesion for lasting results. To bring back the floor’s original charm, our experts use careful abrasion techniques to sand away the uppermost layer. This exposes the surface below for a smooth, clean and level appearance. We then stain the floor in your colour of choice and seal it with a natural oil or wax. You can rely on us to fill in any gaps and polish the floors for a gorgeous finish you’re sure to love.

Without the proper equipment, wood floor restoration can kick up a lot of dust inside your Leatherhead or Surrey home. To combat this, we use a dust extraction unit that helps maintain a tidy environment.

Call Wooded Hill for Restoration

Wooden floors are known for their visual splendour, but they sometimes need restoring to bring out their inner style. The surface may erode, losing its protective layer to cause problems for the wood itself. Such issues need attention to detail from those experienced in wood floor restoration, and this is where our team excels. We offer a complete restoration service for any room in the home, leaving you with a dazzling floor that suits any décor style or theme.

Our refinishing process is more cost-effective than stripping out your old floor and replacing it entirely. It’s quicker to do than you might expect and can make your existing surface look brand new. In turn, you save money while giving your living space a more attractive look.

With a passion for flooring and carpentry alike, we can cut the blocks as needed, create bespoke thresholds and ensure the best quality finish for your home.

For wood floor restoration in Leatherhead and the surrounding Surrey areas, please call today on 0800 6444 411 or 07740 948 411.