Wood Floor Restoration and Carpentry in Leatherhead
Could Hardwood Flooring Benefit Your Home?

Is your living room starting to look a little out of date? Are you tired of cleaning up household spills? Wooded Hill Flooring & Carpentry can help you make the home more supportive of your needs, no matter your living situation. Founded in the late 70s, our family company provides hardwood flooring, takes on wood floor restoration projects and delivers bespoke carpentry for space creation, wardrobes and shelving units, just to name a few. Our team can lay the perfect floor for any space in the Leatherhead area, also replacing doors, skirtings and more depending on your immediate needs.

Read on for some of the reasons you may stand to benefit from hardwood flooring. We can provide oak, mahogany and teak varieties, delivering a sleek and modern appearance for your home without it looking cold or unwelcoming. In fact, our products achieve the very opposite for beautiful environments you can be proud to show off.

No Time for Cleaning

Given the fast pace of modern life, you have less time to clean the house from top to bottom. Families will naturally spill drinks every now and then, but some floors do better and require less maintenance than others. Carpets are among the worst offenders because they soak up spills and can even become stained. Hardwood flooring from our installation and carpentry team is simple to clean with a mop or brush so that you can wipe away spills without worry.

You Suffer From Allergies

Do you experience breathing issues because of dust, mites and fibres? Hardwood flooring collects less pet hair and discourages insects, making for a cleaner atmosphere. Easy to vacuum with little effort, you’ll be more likely to clean away the animal dander too, leading to visible gains over old carpets. We may recommend sealed parquet, overlay or mosaic flooring to those seeking a hypo-allergenic option.

When performing wood floor restoration work in Leatherhead and the nearby areas, our team uses a dust extraction unit to keep the house clean. This step prevents trouble arising due to airborne particles.

An Outdated Style

Painting the walls and stripping away your old wallpaper will only go so far. You’ll also need to think about the state of the floor to maximise your redecorating efforts. Why replace one easily stained carpet with another when you could call our flooring and carpentry experts for quality wood that retains its appeal? You can always have it refinished at a later date or speak to us for wood floor restoration work.

Unlike certain shades of carpet, hardwood flooring offers a timeless appearance – great for any style of home in Leatherhead or the surrounding regions. For those looking to sell up, this can make the property showroom ready so that you can ask for more cash at resale. As such, our efforts can provide a high return on your investment.

You Want a Strong and Durable Option

Upgrading to solid wood means you’re less likely to scuff, scratch or tear the floor while going about your business. It won’t lose its colour with time and instead provides a lasting style you can enjoy throughout the years. Here at Wooded Hill, we can restore and renovate wooden floors across Leatherhead and apply our carpentry skills to door hanging, skirting boards, cupboards and more besides. Essentially, our services can resolve issues in the home while complementing the look of your new or existing floors.

For hardwood flooring, wood floor restoration and carpentry in the Leatherhead area, please get in touch by calling 0800 6444 411 or 07740 948 411.