Hardwood Flooring in Leatherhead and Surrey
From Wooded Hill Flooring & Carpentry

As a small, family-run business with over 40 years in the local area, Wooded Hill is often the first choice for hardwood flooring. We supply and install a variety of high-quality floors, using the finest tools and equipment for a stunning finish. Based in Dorking, we often lay floors for customers across Leatherhead and the nearby areas – taking care throughout the process for homes in Surrey. We’re trained to the highest standards and bring more than a century of combined experience to the flooring installation process. As a result, you can expect dazzling quality and a floor that lasts.

We offer tongue and groove strip floors, mosaic, overlay and parquet block flooring for any room in the home. Our team can show examples of these so you can make an informed decision and performs a reliable installation process that you’ll be quick to recommend.

Hardwood Flooring | Timeless Options for an Inspired Finish

Whether you want the unique style of a mosaic floor or prefer a simpler finish, Wooded Hill inspires confidence from the very beginning. We measure your environment carefully and take all steps needed to produce a firm, level and secure floor that fits the exact shape and size of your property.

Quality Flooring for Long-Term Success

Tongue-and-groove is a type of hardwood flooring that snaps together with a tight fit. It comes in both solid and engineered styles, with different finishes, plank lengths and thicknesses. Parquet floors take on a geometric pattern and are found in homes throughout Leatherhead, Surrey and the surrounding regions. It’s appreciated for its decorative style, which suits modern housing and rustic homes alike.

Overlay hardwood flooring is thinner than the 19mm standard and proves ideal for covering concrete or an older wood floor in acceptable condition. Here at Wooded Hill, we can provide narrow strip flooring where suitable and supply hardwood products in oak, teak and mahogany – all with their manufacturer warranties in place.

The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Most rooms of the house will stand to benefit from solid or engineered wood surfacing. This is down to its sleek, visual appeal as well as its warm aesthetic. Hardwood can also make your space look bigger while giving the whole room a more welcoming vibe. Modern hardwoods also prove easier to clean than you might expect, with most dirt lifting away with a standard vacuum. This is great for air quality too, with less pet hair, fibres and dust for a more breathable space. Hardwood is now considered one of the more luxurious options, so it can even make your home more attractive to new buyers.

While carpets soak up spills, and laminates only have a limited lifespan, hardwood flooring is simple to refinish later on so you needn’t spend on a replacement. The sanding and staining process proves cheaper than buying a new installation, achieving an ‘as new’ feel with professional care.

Please call 0800 6444 411 or 07740 948 411 for hardwood flooring in Leatherhead. The neighbouring areas and across Surrey.